My Thoughts: "Maintain your Perspective" - A nice story from "Who will cry when you die?"

Saturday, January 7

"Maintain your Perspective" - A nice story from "Who will cry when you die?"

Today I have started reading book "Who will cry when you die ? - By Robin Sharma" .

The moment I started reading the book , my mind asked me a quick question .

"Hey , before started reading tell me 'Who will cry when you die?' " . And my sincere answer is

"Of-course my family .It will take good amount of time for them to come back to this world again. The time might be one month , one year may one complete life time. And all of my colleagues and friends will recover soon .Some might be with in hours and some within days and weeks. People are always busy to get to their own work" .

I am going to share a nice story from that book. And here it is ..!!  :)

"A man with a serious illness was wheeled into a hospital room where another patient was resting on a bed next to the window.As the two became friends, the one next to the window would look out of and then spend the next few hours delighting his bedridden companion with vivid descriptions of thw world outside.some days he would describe the beauty of the trees in the park across from the hospital and how the leaves danced in the wind.On other days, he would entertain his friend with step-by-step replays of the things people were doing as they walked by the hospital.However, as the time went on, the bedridden man grew frustrated at his inability to observe the wonders his friend described.Eventually he grew to dislike him and then to hate him intensely.

           One night, during a particularly bad coughing fit , the patient next to the window stopped breathing.Rather than pressing the button for help, the other man chose to do nothing.The next morning the patient who had given his friend so much happiness by recounting the sights outside the window was pronounced dead and wheeled out of the hospital room.The other man quickly asked that his bed to be placed next to the window, a request that was complied with by attending nurse.But as he looked out of window, he discovered something that made hime shake:the window faced a stark brick wall.His former roommate had conjured up the incredible sights that he described in his imaginations as a loving gesture to make the world of his friend a little bit better during a difficult time.He had acted  out of selfless love."

We will come to know the value of people only when they are not with us. Please make sure you won't fall into this category. Know your neighbour value.Accept  love from all whether it is samll or big.(Can we measure love like small or big ??)

So please love your neighbour :)

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