My Thoughts: I Love Chrome

Saturday, September 24

I Love Chrome

Hey ,

After a long time I am seeing you again. :)

Let me tell you one interesting thing.People usually ask me why i like Chrome why not other ?

My answer is very simple "Chrome is fast and has nice features " .

1. We can set up sync for with our existing Google account .It will sync everything including bookmarks, themes, addons ( wow ). This is something i really like it because i need bookmarks where ever I go. And chrome is providing this feature with our existing Gmail account.

2.Chrome is fast fast fast fast . :)

3.In Chrome we can do good number of things by simply typing what you need in address bar.

a.about:sync -- You can see what has been synced.
b.about:version --- Will give you current Google Version details.
c.about:cache --- Will show the cached content.
d.about:memory --- Will give memory storage details .
e.about:settings --- Will display "Options" page.
f.about:sessions --- Will display session details.

See you in next post , until then have a Great day..!! :)

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