My Thoughts: July 2012

Sunday, July 29

WebDriver Tutorial Part 1 : Overview on WebDriver and Selenium IDE

Before we start , quick details on WebDriver ( Selenium 2 )

Selenium is a Automation tool  for testing WebApplications. And using this we can automate ONLY web applications but not Windows based applications.

There are others tool which can be used to automate both web applications and windows applicaions like QTP(Quick Test Professional) .Unlike QTP , Selenium is freeware :) .

This is why most of the companies prefer Selenium whenever they want to automate Webbased applications ,between who hates to save money :) .

If you are the beginner and doesn't know anything about Selenium then please start using Selenium IDE which is a firefox addon, used to record and run the testcases.

Using Seleniun IDE , we can even export our testcases.

Install Selenium IDE and start playing with it. It is one of the simple tool which doesn't require much detailed explanations :)

But Selenium IDE itself is not enough for effective test script as it doesnt supports looping(for, while etc..) and our cusom needs.So we need to use other programming languages to customize testscript and achieve what our test senario demands.

Stay tuned lot more to discuss :)

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