My Thoughts: WebDriver Tutorial Part 2 : Installing Java and Eclipse IDE

Sunday, August 5

WebDriver Tutorial Part 2 : Installing Java and Eclipse IDE

Once we are familiar with selenium IDE , the next step is "Choosing a programnning language" and start scripting .

Selenium supports multiple languages like Java, C#, Phython, Ruby,Php, Perl . Depending upon your flexibility select any one of the language as your scripting langauge and install that language components.

Suppose If you are planning to use Java as your programming language (like me) then here are steps for installing it.

Step 1 : Installing Java:

Before installing check whether your computer already has Java or not , by visiting

If you don't have Java istalled on your computer , then you can start installing Java by visiting
 Above site will have step by step instructions on how to install Java.

Step 2: Set up Path and Class Path for Java :

Here are the step to step instructions on how to setup PATH variables in java (with screenshots :) )

Here is the website which describes all the above details clearly

Step 3 :Installing Eclipse 

Eclipse is an opensource IDE(Integrated Development Environment ). Download Eclipse from

Follow the below tutorial which gives the basic idea on how to configure Eclipse and use it.


  1. Hello Vamshi,

    As far as I know Selenium IDE is going to be deprecated in the future .

    Selenium RC is already deprecated and in a situation like this, I am planning to only learn webdriver.What are your suggestions on this?

    Can you please put on some more content on webdriver .Some interview questions that are usually asked and some exercises or examples on webdriver.


  2. Priya,

    I strongly suggest you to go for WebDriver. This is the future of selenium.

    All of the posts on this blog are based on WebDriver and I continue to write example posts .

    I am in the process of preparing interview questions for Webdriver surely I share it with all once I am done with it.


  3. Hello Vamshi,

    Verification web-services need to automated. can you please let us teach, how to automated web services testing?


  4. Hi Sachin,

    Just want to know what kind of test case you want to automate ? (Verification web-services need to automated)

    You have any sample ?