My Thoughts: "Self Respect" in dependent relationship

Saturday, December 10

"Self Respect" in dependent relationship

There is no relationship without dependency.Its hard to believe but its true.

The moment we realize "we are no longer depend on the other person" , we are nothing to each other .

Dependency might be in many forms. It might be either emotional , financial , physical. But sometimes it is nice to depend on other person and it is  a nice feeling to know that there is someone depend on us.

As a kid we completely depend on our parents , once you grow up you depend on friends for fun, company and whatever. And once you get married you will get to know your whole family is depending on you which may increase our responsibility but that is what makes your life keep going.

But one thing we must remember is "No relationship is worth sacrificing your dignity or self respect for....!!" .Never lose your self respect for others because that is what makes others to attract you. The moment they realize you are not what you are they will quit you in seconds .

sometimes people may take your self respect as "EGO" but as soon as they realize what you are they will come to you .If they are not realizing then it means they are not the ones who really deserve you love.

But never never ignore the small line between "Self respect" and "EGO".If you forget that line may be you will end up spending your whole life alone.

Have a good day ..!!

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