My Thoughts: Switching User Agent in Chrome & Safari (Testing Mobile applications)

Sunday, April 15

Switching User Agent in Chrome & Safari (Testing Mobile applications)

I am back with one new article , I know you love this one .. This week I have explored one new extension for chrome which is really awesome i.e. " User Agent Switcher For Chrome "

It is really good and very helpful for the one who want to check how their site is functioning in iPhone, IPad , Android and in different browsers .By installing by above addon you can check your site in all devices from your Chrome browser itself.

Most of the time we maight not be having simulators or actual devices with us. SO the best way we can test the functionality of mobile site is by switching the User Agent .{ User Agent  is a string is a series of characters, usually letters and numbers.Different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) would therefore identify themselves with different user agent strings.}

Now coming to Safari browser,It has inbuilt  User Agent Switcher functionality. To Enable this feature goto

Settings>>Advanced then enable "Show Develop menu in menu bar" chekbox.

Now you can see "Develop" menu in your menu bar.

We are done. Now goto Develop>>User Agent and select Device/Browser on which you want to test your site .. It's cool , Isn't it ?? :)

For  Firefox , we already know how to test it .

See you soon with new stuff . Take care ... :)

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