My Thoughts: RCT (Root Canal Therapy) - First Appointment with less Pain

Saturday, May 5

RCT (Root Canal Therapy) - First Appointment with less Pain

Monday -April 30,2012 :
I had severe tooth pain so I left office early for checkup.After going through the initial checkup and X-ray , doctor suggested me to go through RCT ( Root Canal Therapy ) as one of my right tooth decayed and the process will be finished in two appointments. I got my first appointment with surgeon on Friday at 7.30PM ( May 04, 2012).

Friday - May 04, 2012 :
I couldnt make it on friday so I got my treatment to be postponed to Saturday at 6.00PM ( May 05, 2012 ).

Saturday - May 05, 2012 at 6.00 PM :

I was in Hospital.I was very sick and afraid of pain. I am still so much depend on my parents especially when I am sick :P.

I wish my parents could be just beside me so that I can hold their hands when I felt pain.Luckily Dentist friendly smile comfort me little bit.But I know he can never never replace my parents.This Process includes  three steps.

First step is giving anesthetic injection very near to my right decayed tooth which makes of half of my right face numb.

Now the second step is cleaning the tooth which is of no pian :)

And  third step is removing the nerve which is little painy. Dentist told me to raise my hand whenever I felt Pain. In the middle of the process I raised my handas  it is little paining so he stopped for sometime and then started again. Seriously I myself didn't realize what is really happening .The only one thing I know at that time was dentise was just doing something in my mouth and playing with my tooth :)

Entire process was done with in 20 mins.Dentist told me that "my right cheeck will be heavy for another one hour as I have been given anesthetic injection  and he suggested me not to take anything for another one hour".

I was told I can eat whatever I want including chocolates and Icecreams except too much hot and sticky food  :P

And my next treatment will be on Tuesday at 6.30 PM ( May 08,2012) that process will take around 45 mins.

And overall what I can say is "RCT is not painful ". There will be very very very less pain.

Waiting for my next appointment on Tuesday at 6.30 PM ( May 08,2012) :)

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